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We have the capability to machine G10 and FR4 materials with quick turns and outstanding quality. Our CNC machining of G10/FR4 parts is produced in a state of the art facility with modern tooling and measurement equipment. Machining G10/FR4 materials takes very precise and accurate measuring and quality inspection. There are many processes required for G10/FR4 machining that take experience, meticulous quality control and examination. The very first and most important part of producing G10/FR4 into fabricated parts is to start with a high quality G10/FR4 material. We always start with the highest quality G10/FR4 material when producing fabricated parts. Many of the most common uses for G10/FR4 material are in the electrical industry.

A lot of the technical specifications and insulation parameters for high voltage dielectric materials require G10/FR4 parts to be a precise fit and of high quality. When American Material Supply puts the G10/FR4 material on our CNC, we always machine G10 dry while most industries use CNC fluids to keep the tooling cool during machining. We believe this destroys the electrical insulation values of the material on the surface and sometimes, in extremely high voltage applications, causes surface arcing on the CNC fabricated FR4 part. By machining the G10/FR4 dry, this concern becomes a non-issue thus providing a higher quality G10/FR4 part than most the CNC industry can provide.

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