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G10/FR4 is a thermo-laminated glass epoxy material mostly used in electrical applications where high heat, mechanical stability and electrically isolative conditions are needed.  The G10 FR4 fiberglass sheet is stable up to 285 °F making it ideal for high temp applications where electrical conditions cause high heat.  G10 FR4 also has a very low water absorption rate.  In addition to the G10-Fr4 materials being mechanically and electrically stable, the g10 /fr4 panels, once machined into parts, hold very tight and crisp features. The g10 Fr4 material can continue to operate at maximum efficiencies for a relatively long time while holding its shape and size.  G10 FR4 is  used as terminal boards, insulators and is a great laminate composite for high moisture environments.

We have the capability to machine g10 and FR4 materials with quick turns and outstanding quality. Our CNC machining of g10 FR4 parts is produced in a state of the art facility with modern tooling and measurement equipment.